In my end is my beginning

I’ve written a role-playing game. It’s not the one I had expected to write. There are no fairies. Unless you want there to be.

Short and sweet, it’s my entry for the The One-Page RPG Jam 2021. You play a person who is about to die. It’s funny, most RPGs contain death, often lots of it, but they only treat it as a technical issue and something for players to avoid (unless they’re inflicting it on someone else). There’s never much space to consider what death really means. In the last few years, I have made friends with an undertaker, have lost my father suddenly, and have seen one of my closest friends publish an astounding novel about death.

Oddly, I felt the need to add “content warning: death” to this game, and it struck me as really quite peculiar that no other game I’m aware of does this, despite the trauma that death can cause.

Anyway, enough of the lecture, here is IN MY END IS MY BEGINNING



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