Ship of Theseus – part 1

A viking longship in a storm, people are hanging off it in the sea

Wolves of water
Might of blind force 
Living movement of sunlight 
Currents churning 
The reflecting edges of the shale 
Soft rains pierce hard marble 
Heat seeps through the silver 
There is only mixing and dissociation 
Nothing remains 
What is the life that I have chosen? 
The wave-shattered hull 
Theseus in the labyrinth 
Hunched in a cave of broken myths

Ship of Theseus by Jute Gyte

Dragged off the street for some fictitious crime, you are led, in chains, to the dock. A longship is there. It is made of vicious thorns, some of them like violet-grey daggers a metre long, others are equally deadly hair-thin needles. Lashed to the barnacle-covered tiller is the Captain: two arms, one eye, no legs. One of his ears has been chewed off. Gurning as though in agony, he peers at you with his remaining eye, and utters something sounding like “PARP!”

You’re led onto the boat, and chained to the oars, along with 2D6 others.

The sail fills and the whip cracks, and the boat veers hesitantly towards the Endless Sea.

D6 things the crew may tell you:

  1. No ship has ever returned from the Endless Sea.
  2. The Captain has been hired to recover valuable naval artifacts.
  3. The ship is alive, and malevolent.
  4. The captain left the rudder once and immediately started coughing up blood.
  5. The Captain has done this journey before. That’s where he lost his legs
  6. The ship has a true name, used to control it. Only the Captain knows what it is.
Giant Depair by Luis Rhead - A viking oarsman looks pissed off

I am writing an adventure for Mörk Borg. This is the beginning.




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2 responses to “Ship of Theseus – part 1”

  1. maxcan7 Avatar

    I'm intrigued by what it means that it's the Ship of Theseus (or something like it)…

  2. dansumption Avatar

    To be revealed 😁

    I can't remember exactly how the idea started, but it was largely inspired by the Jute Gyte album of the same name – I *think* I just sat down and thought "hmmm, Mörk Borg… what black metal do I know… Aha, Jute Gyte! I'll do Ship of Theseus!"

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