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Who are they?

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with generating AI images with a certain style (black and white engravings). I’ve even started selling some of them on T-shirts.

The picture above fascinates me: who are they? If you can tell me something more about this person – potted biography, stats, what made them look so dead behind the eyes – then I would really like to know.

Here are three more members of their family:

They were also recently featured on Monsters and Manuals.



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  1. dansumption Avatar

    Obviously, I had to ask another AI who this is. Obviously, their story was sickeningly saccharine and upbeat:

    The person in the portrait is none other than Dan Sumption, a famous elf from the land of Arvandor. Dan was known throughout the realm for his extraordinary skills in catching prawns, which were a delicacy in the elfin world.

    Dan grew up in a small village in Arvandor and learned the art of prawn-catching from his father. From a young age, he showed a remarkable talent for it and quickly became the best prawn catcher in the village. As he grew older, he decided to travel the realm and share his skills with others.

    Dan soon became famous throughout Arvandor for his prawn-catching abilities. He would travel from village to village, sharing his knowledge with the elves and teaching them the best techniques for catching prawns. He even developed his own special prawn-catching net, which became the envy of all the other elfin fishermen.

    As Dan's fame grew, he became something of a legend in Arvandor. His portrait was hung in many homes and taverns, and stories about his prawn-catching exploits were told and retold around campfires.

    But despite his fame, Dan never forgot his roots. He continued to visit his hometown regularly, and he always made time to teach the young elves in the village how to catch prawns. And even though he could have lived a life of luxury, Dan remained humble and dedicated to his craft.

    In the end, Dan Sumption became much more than just a prawn catcher. He became a symbol of the elfin spirit, of dedication and hard work, and of the power of sharing one's talents with others. And his portrait, with its enigmatic smile, serves as a reminder of his legacy to this day.

  2. Theo Thaconatos Avatar

    They are the personifications of walled cities. In early spring (rightaboutnow), before the earnest commencement of those campaign seasons necessitating said walls to begin with, they compete in beflowered tournaments for the favor of the Lich Queen Callisto Meffit in some liminal Goetiaverse into which anthropomorphized cities spill over and mingle with the souls of named weapons and esoteric shut-ins projecting out of basement-level protective circles.

    Callisto grants wishes to her favorites, but it goes without saying that there are onerous strings attached.

    The first one is named Saunders. His eyes aren’t dead at all. His is the 10-yard stare of resolute defiance. He is besieged. His wish will be for delivery from his enemies.

    The second is named Vilheilm. His inhabitants are noisy and noisome. He wishes for his half-filled-in river to overflow and scour them smart and to be for a brief time an underwater city.

    The third is a good little fascist named Aleksandrs. He is sick of the graft baked into the republican form of government and longs for the graft baked into rule by an invincible autocrat.

    The fourth isn’t a walled city at all anymore at all. His pieces have been quarried and scattered. He wants to reunite them. Wall and city completely optional. His name is/was Pilloquitinnguaq.

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