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Thank you to those who responded to the challenge in my last post.
Theo (whom I play with in noisms’ Three Mile Tree campaign, and whose weird and wonderful updates on that campaign always bring a smile to my face) spoke in the comments of how the four characters are the personifications of anthropomorphized walled cities in some liminal Goetiaverse, competing in beflowered tournaments for the favor of the Lich Queen Callisto Meffit.
And Semiurge posted this fantastic story spanning four generations of the house of Albuminauc, containing some wonderfully poetic turns of phrase (“he grubby-hid with shady sorts in shaded spots”, “mawkish rakes milked venom from each other’s mouths”, …)
Above is Sereaglea Albuminauc, fifth generation of the house of Albuminauc. sole offspring of Rud Albuminauc and Carpaglea Vennonis, daughter of the last Margreve of Vennonis (a sizeable village teetering on the crest of the Grens Hills to the North of Marlo). Sereaglea it was, in her guise as fisher queen, who brought a final end to the haunting haggearts of her forebears. 
(I feel somewhat guilty for not putting anything like as much effort into this as Semiurge and Theo did; apologies, my brain is on strike)






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