The Museum of Midjourney Artefacts

Welcome to the Museum of Midjourney Artefacts, a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation and study of remarkable relics. Below, you will find essential information to assist you during your visit to our extraordinary institution.

Visiting Hours:

The museum awaits your presence on the following days:

  • Solmeturn: Open from the first light of daybreak until the midday sun reaches its zenith.
  • Chronoloom: Accessible from noon until twilight envelops the sky.
  • Luminara: Unveiled during the evening hours, from dusk until midnight’s embrace.

Please take note that the museum is closed on ancient holidays of profound significance.

Admission and Patrons:

To embark on this enlightening voyage, patrons may acquire their tickets through our online portal or at the Foyer of Welcomes, a gateway to the museum. Our patron classifications cater to a diverse array of seekers:

  • Artefact Enthusiasts: Devotees of Relics and Antiquities
  • Luminous Explorers: Seekers of Illumination and Wonder
  • Curios Collectors: Admirers of Unusual and Mysterious Objects

Collections and Departments:

The museum proudly houses an array of extraordinary treasures within its specialized departments. Prepare to immerse yourself in enigmatic realms of knowledge within:

  • Chronomysteria: The department dedicated to Time-Enlaced Artefacts
  • Biogenesis: An exhibition showcasing the Wonders of Living Phenomena
  • Lexilogos: A repository of Linguistic Anomalies and Cryptic Scripts

Guided Exploration:

Enhance your experience by partaking in guided tours led by our knowledgeable Curators. They will unravel the secrets and offer insightful narratives about the artefacts and exhibits. Guided tours are available in various dialects and can be arranged in advance or on the day of your visit.

Dining and Amenities:

When you find yourself in need of sustenance, our Gastronomic Concourse offers a selection of nourishing fare. Delight your palate with tantalizing flavours and take respite in our Tranquil Haven, an enclave of serenity amidst the museum’s marvels.

Museum Emporium:

Take a piece of the museum with you by visiting our Emporium of Curiosities. Discover rare treasures, cryptic talismans, enigmatic souvenirs, and fully functioning demonic ritual items which encapsulate the essence of your journey through the museum’s mysteries.

Accessibility and Services:

The museum is committed to ensuring an inclusive experience for all visitors. Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals with diverse needs. Our staff stands ready to assist with any specific requirements or inquiries during your visit.

Harmonise Yourself

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Museum of Midjourney Artefacts, where knowledge and the extraordinary converge. Prepare to be immersed in a realm of ancient wisdom and intriguing wonders. Let your spirit guide you as you embark upon this captivating odyssey!




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  1. Kat Avatar

    Great work!! You have a few broken links, and I want that enameled Cthulhu pin in the 4th picture group, under “Departments and Collections.” And that Circuit Scarab!!

    1. dan Avatar

      Thanks Kat, and thanks for the tip on the broken links – I’ve just moved my blog across to WordPress, and it’s still a bit patchy, will get them seen to!

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