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flyers for King Arthur vs Devil Kitty on Kickstarter

Please help us to get King Arthur vs Devil Kitty published.

Start trying to make “King Arthur vs Devil Kitty” happen

The Kickstarter for King Arthur vs Devil Kitty is going moderately well, but could be going better – right now I think that we will hit our target by the project deadline on 21st September, but it’s likely to be nailbiting – and it seems unlikely that we’ll hit the stretch goal that I really want – to print the book using litho rather than digital technology.

And so anything which you can do to help us is more than welcome. I can’t stress enough that this doesn’t just include backing the campaign – times are tough, it’s not a cheap book, and for plenty of folks it simply isn’t an option to spend that much money, however much they’d like to help. But if you can tell others about the campaign and even just one person backs it as a result, you will have done more than enough.

The usual exhortations to spread the news via social media apply here – you’ll find posts which you can “like and share” across all of our social media including the book’s Facebook page, and the Peakrill accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Threads, Reddit, Bluesky, Mastodon, T2, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. If you can post about the campaign using your own words (perhaps while sharing one of our posts) then that’s even better. Most platforms now actively punish links to external sites like Kickstarter (ie they deliberately show them to fewer people than they would if the post didn’t contain those links), and they will only ease off on this punishment if they detect posts with lots of likes/shares.

(There isn’t, as far as I’m aware, a platform called Uncle Tom Cobley and all but, given the current state of social media, there probably should be. Peakrill doesn’t currently have a TikTok account, but that will be “remedied” in the next couple of days. Oh, we have a Substack as well, though that’s less relevant here).

Even better than all of the above is if you can tell somebody In Real Life about the crowdfunding campaign for King Arthur vs Devil Kitty. Gosh, who remembers real life? You know, that thing we used to have before covid.

Finally, I did produce a number of flyers to advertise the campaign. I’m down to my last handful of these (if you’ve a really compelling reason for having a few, let me know and I’ll post them out to you free-of-charge along with a postcard or two from The Mycoleum). Here is the PDF for the flyer, in case you would like to print your own. It’s sized at 1/3rd-A4, which means that if you want to print it out as God intended then you will need to be some kind of genius with margins and double-sided printing, but even printed as-is and stuck in your favourite bookshop/café/community centre/library then, again, if it persuades one person to back the campaign then it has done me and enormous favour.

Thank you 🙏

Please help us to get King Arthur vs Devil Kitty published.


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