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I love Patrick Stuart’s adaptation of Gawain and the Green Knight, a book which almost never saw the light of day, due to a failed Kickstarter campaign. I recall Patrick saying (though I can’t track down the source) that if he had included playable stats for the Green Knight then a lot more people would have backed the campaign: people like gameable content; far fewer people, apparently, like medieval poetry.

And I remember thinking “I’m having that!” As soon as as I began planning King Arthur vs Devil Kitty, I decided that I would include a playable version of the Cath Palug, the Devil Kitty. Partly to make the Kickstarter have a broader appeal, sure, but but also because Kitty is such a fun baddie.

I especially wanted to include stats for D&D 5th Edition, a system I don’t know a great deal about, and so I engaged Rueben Kateregga to flesh out the monster for me. I gave him a fairly short brief and sent him the story, and I’m pleased to say that he’s done an amazing job, adding loads of little flourishes which I would never have thought of.

I will be adapting the stats to create an OSR version, as well as a version for Into The Odd and derivatives (Cairn, Weird North… possibly even Mausritter, although converting Kitty to a Warband-scale enemy presents a few additional challenges).

Rueben and I are still tweaking the cat’s stats, but below is the current version (apologies that this is image only, with tiny text and no accessible version – this will be remedied in the digital release of King Arthur vs Devil Kitty).

Please help us to get King Arthur vs Devil Kitty published.







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