Cover of The Lost Doctor Annual 2023

The Lost Doctor Annual

Some time ago, I wrote about The Lost Doctor project – a series of audio adventures based on the premise “what if, in 1987, Ken Campbell had landed the role of the Seventh Doctor Who”. (This very nearly happened, but the BBC thought Ken a little too scary, and instead gave the job to Ken’s protegee Sylvester McCoy).

The amazing team of enthusiasts and actors behind The Lost Doctor are now putting together a book, in the style of classic 1960s/70s/80s Christmas annuals, packed with Lost Doctor material, including scripts, short stories, games and puzzles, posters, and articles on the science behind time-travel. We’re very happy to say that Peakrill Press will be publishing this annual. Please check out The Lost Doctor Annual 2023 on Kickstarter, where we are currently raising funds to cover the costs of printing and postage. Thanks to Chris Barker for the incredibly evocative cover, above.

Here’s a gorgeous little stop-motion animation made by Lawrie Vause to promote the Kickstarter:






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