3 new books from Peakrill

New Books from Peakrill

It’s been a crazy month, and I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going… but somehow I’ve managed to publish 2 new hardback books and a zine (and, more exhausting than that, I’ve posted out hundreds of copies worldwide). I’m thinking of spending January in a bothy, communing with rocks.

King Arthur vs Devil Kitty should need no introduction to anyone who’s followed this blog. Two years in gestation, I’ve only gone and released it into the world. A beautiful, fully-illustrated retelling of an incident from Robert de Boron’s 12th century Vulgate Cycle, in which King Arthur travels to the Alps to take on a giant kitten. The book also contains “Stats of the Cat” for bringing Devil Kitty (AKA the Chapalu, AKA the Cath Palug) into games of D&D (both 5th Edition and OSR) and Into The Odd. And there’s an essay by Dr Laura Chuhan Campbell of Durham University on the origins of the story. Available to buy now in both hardback and paperback.

The Lost Doctor Annual is a classic Christmas annual, like the ones you might have found stuffed in the top of your stocking on a childhood Christmas Day. 164 pages of stories, science, scripts, silliness and serendipity, it takes you to The Universe Next Door where, in 1987, the BBC announced Ken Campbell as the new star of Doctor Who (rather than Ken’s protegée Sylvester McCoy, who played this universe’s 7th Doctor). No mere kids’ book, the annual is packed with Ken’s obsessions, from Discordianism to the Cathars, with contributions from James Joyce, Philip K Dick, Charles Fort and many more. Buy it here now.

Finally, The Mycelium Parish News is an annual roundup of interesting stuff which emerged in 2023 from the quasi-Discordian network-of-networks which we’re calling The Mycelium. In the words of writer John Higgs, it’s “a yearly compendium of books, events, podcasts, interviews, music etc that originated from, or is of interest to, the Discordian-adjacent counterculture. If you’ve missed any great stuff, basically, you’ll find it listed here.” And it’s only £2.30 including UK postage. Bargain! Buy your copy from Orbific, here or from Peakrill here.







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