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Peakrill’s next publication will be True Clown Stories, by James Burt and others. James writes:

My clown stories are about people who want to be entertaining. They want to bring people some innocent joy, but reality has thwarted them. These are stories about people who’ve devoted themselves to red noses and giant shoes but struggle to survive.

Why clowns?

They’re supposed to be having fun all the time, so if a clown is unhappy, you have a question to answer. A clown, sitting at the side of a street, with a half-empty bottle of whiskey: why? A clown, being taken away by police in handcuffs: why? A clown, looking for work with his friend during the Great Depression: why? A clown, harpoon ready at the prow of a boat, searching for a white whale: why?

As well as being able to buy this collection in a classic Penguin Paperback format, our top reward tier enables you to receive it in the form of a “pie in the 💥⁉️🤡💦ing kisser“. Check out the Kickstarter for more information about True Clown Stories.

Anyone who’s ever run a Kickstarter will know that, the instant your project launches, you will be bombarded with bizarre messages by “Kickstarter Engagement Experts”. These people only rarely come straight out and say “I want you to pay me money to promote your Kickstarter”; instead they lead in with a bizarre alchemy of hyperbolic praise, broken English, and pointless questions: “your project is like hidden gem, why did you come up with idea of it?”

The sensible thing to do, of course, would be to ignore these people entirely. But I’ve not been in a sensible mood this last week, my mind occupied with clowns and clowning. And so I’ve been having fun…

. Check out the Kickstarter for True Clown Stories.




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