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  • Who Is This

    Who Is This

      Who are they? As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with generating AI images with a certain style (black and white engravings). I’ve even started selling some of them on T-shirts. The picture above fascinates me: who are they? If you can tell me something more about this person […]

  • AI as DM

    AI as DM

      art by The Mycoleum Continuing my experiments with AI, I have been trying to get a computer to act as Dungeon Master, running a roleplaying game in response to my prompts. The results have been interesting, but for all the wrong reasons. In this post I will use the following conventions: My messages to […]

  • GPT-4: give up, go home

    GPT-4: give up, go home

      “Generate an artpunk OSR scenario” The players are members of an underground art collective known as the Velvet Revolution. They’ve just landed a commission from the wealthy and eccentric art patron, Baroness de Vries, to create a masterpiece that will shock the city to its core. The catch? The Baroness has given them just […]

  • Becoming Borg

    Becoming Borg

    The kind of elf you’ll find in any Wizards of the Coast book, but AI-generated Once again a post from Monsters and Manuals about AI has prompted… thoughts. I agree entirely with this statement: The real ‘threat’ posed by AI is not that it will replace us, but that we will come more closely to resemble […]

  • d∞ Caltrops

    Because I can’t stop tinkering with AI, I asked it to “Write a random OSR RPG table in the style of the d4 Caltrops blog“. Oh boy! d20: Dungeon Hazards A pit filled with venomous snakes A room full of acidic fog A room with a magical trap that teleports the party to another plane […]

  • Further Encounters in AI

    Further Encounters in AI

    OpenAI have just added a new model, text-davinci-003, to their GPT-3 text generators. It is supposedly much higher quality than previous models, so I decided to generate some random encounters and some nanodeities using the same prompts as before. I also, for shits & giggles, decided to ask another AI to make pictures of the […]

  • The Mycoleum

    My friend James Burt and I are producing a “Mycelium Parish Newsletter”, a round-up of what’s been going on in our corner of the UK counterculture over the last year (James explains in a little more detail here). Our underground network of threads has birthed some fairly significant mushrooms recently, including the books What Remains? […]