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  • Bisch Basch Bosch

    Bisch Basch Bosch

    “The Office” by Hieronymous Bosch Yesterday this image, “The Office” by Hieronymous Bosch, which I created using Midjourney, went viral. A lot of people asked for posters. Feels wrong to charge money for something which I knocked up in seconds, so I’m offering it free-of-charge. You can download the high-res image here – like I said, […]

  • Who Is This

    Who Is This

      Who are they? As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with generating AI images with a certain style (black and white engravings). I’ve even started selling some of them on T-shirts. The picture above fascinates me: who are they? If you can tell me something more about this person […]

  • The Mycoleum

    My friend James Burt and I are producing a “Mycelium Parish Newsletter”, a round-up of what’s been going on in our corner of the UK counterculture over the last year (James explains in a little more detail here). Our underground network of threads has birthed some fairly significant mushrooms recently, including the books What Remains? […]

  • The Bogey Beasts of Sidney Sime

    Woods and Dark Animals by Sidney H Sime Inasmuch as there is a Peakrill Press house style, it is that of fin-de-siecle fantasy-inspired illustrations of the late 19th and early 20th century (largely nicked from; images by Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley and, especially, Sidney Herbert Sime. I love this style of drawing, and the worlds […]