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  • Peakrill on Facebook

     Just a quick post to say (a) I’m still alive (b) Peakrill now has a Facebook page – please give us a like – and (c) the Kickstarter for Mostly Harmless Meetings has just over a week left to run, please check it out and, if you like it, share it. Got any questions about […]

  • When is a Coin not a Coin?

      I just bought Luke Gearing’s Wolves Upon The Coast campaign which includes a draft of his forthcoming supplement &&&&& Treasure. This is a series of tables for generating treasure hordes, and alongside the expected entries for potions, wands, artefacts, etc, there is a “coins” table. I’ve written before about my dissatisfaction with the way money […]

  • Coin Magic Taint

    I wrote here recently about coinage and treasure hoards in RPGs. Well here’s something a little more lighthearted about money… Magic leakage is a subject that has been long known about, but little discussed as it only happens very slowly, weakly, and only affects very small objects. Its effects are rarely even observable. However when […]

  • Fish-maggot Paté

    An artifact found in every fish folk settlement, fish maggot paté is almost always stored in a tiny jar of dark blue glass with a lid of marbled precious metals streaked with jade. Inside is a paste which looks a loose liver paté: slightly runny, pink, and homogenous save for occasional veins of deeper red. […]