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  • Favourite books of 2022

      some good books This is just a blog post to send you to another blog post. I have a personal blog which I post to roughly once per year (it’s been running for nearly 22 years now, so is older than some of the readers of this blog). Over on t’other place I’ve just […]

  • King Arthur vs Devil Kitty

    King Arthur vs Devil Kitty

    A long long time ago, a little way from here, A king called Arthur held his court in Camelot, A man named Merlin at his side, to mentor him, As he united Albion and was crowned king. What once were warring tribes were gathered at his court, All former foes united, all now friends at […]

  • noisms and the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard

    I interviewed noisms, who blogs as Monsters and Manuals, publishes noisms games, and is best known for his fantasy game setting Yoon Suin, the Purple Land. Right now he’a running a Kickstarter for The Corridor of the Seventh Green Magic User  The Hall of the Third Blue Wizard, a zine featuring high-quality commissioned RPG modules and short […]

  • The Bogey Beasts of Sidney Sime

    Woods and Dark Animals by Sidney H Sime Inasmuch as there is a Peakrill Press house style, it is that of fin-de-siecle fantasy-inspired illustrations of the late 19th and early 20th century (largely nicked from; images by Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley and, especially, Sidney Herbert Sime. I love this style of drawing, and the worlds […]

  • A Middle-aged Man Returns to Viriconium

    Viriconium comic, in German, by Dieter Judt Deep in work-work and in lieu of anything new to say, I’m rehashing this passage from my personal blog. When I discovered the OSR 18 months ago, it surprised and pleased me to discover how much influence M John Harrison (or at least his Viriconium sequence) seemed to have over the […]

  • Appendix N

      Since returning to gaming this year, I don’t seem to be able to lift a stone without finding something about Appendix N beneath. Appendix N of the Dungeon Master’s Guide contained Gary Gygax’s “Inspirational and Educational Reading” – a list of authors who inspired Dungeons and Dragons. I must have read the DMG dozens […]