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Category: creature

  • Stats of the Cat

    Stats of the Cat

    I love Patrick Stuart’s adaptation of Gawain and the Green Knight, a book which almost never saw the light of day, due to a failed Kickstarter campaign. I recall Patrick saying (though I can’t track down the source) that if he had included playable stats for the Green Knight then a lot more people would…

  • The Fisher- Folk or PShhrsha

    A Fisher-folk This is the first in a series of Alternative Hominids, a family tree of human species which diverged from their common ancestor a round the same time as Homo Sapiens. Fisher-folk’s specialism makes them at catching water beasts and insects, and then tend to live in the region of lakes (particularly moorland scattered…

  • Lings and related things

    A ling is a type of elemental being or golem, formed from a non-organic substance with a tiny organic heart. They can control their own shape within a fixed diameter sphere (only waterlings are ever likely to be precisely spherical). The tiniest, size 1 lings, are adorable things an inch or two across, something like…