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  • Cadero 002: West Plaza

     (Yesterday’s post, and today’s, may have given the impression that I’ll be posting these daily on my blog; I won’t). Here’s today’s entry – you’ll have to read my scrawl as I’ve not time to type it up (actually, typing it up is the easy part, it’s the temptation to edit that is the real […]

  • Cadero 1: The Entrance Hall

    Entrance to The Cadero As per yesterday’s post, this is my first #Dungeon23 entry. 001: Entrance to The Cadero Up a short flight of steps are two huge revolving doors; the left one is jammed and the right one is moving very slowly. There is a long queue of SHOPPERS waiting to get in. It […]

  • #Dungeon23

    #Dungeon23 is about making a megadungeon throughout 2023, one location per day. I’m joining in. Like photo-a-day, selfie-a-month, and landscape-painting-a-fortnight activities I’ve joined before, I expect this fad to last no more than a few days. But perhaps 2023 will be different? You see, last night I had an idea. An idea for an Electric […]