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  • d∞ Caltrops

    Because I can’t stop tinkering with AI, I asked it to “Write a random OSR RPG table in the style of the d4 Caltrops blog“. Oh boy! d20: Dungeon Hazards A pit filled with venomous snakes A room full of acidic fog A room with a magical trap that teleports the party to another plane […]

  • Further Encounters in AI

    Further Encounters in AI

    OpenAI have just added a new model, text-davinci-003, to their GPT-3 text generators. It is supposedly much higher quality than previous models, so I decided to generate some random encounters and some nanodeities using the same prompts as before. I also, for shits & giggles, decided to ask another AI to make pictures of the […]

  • “and a miniature three-handed sword” – d30 AI encounters

    I couldn’t resist getting GPT-3 to spit out a bunch more random encounters. I used the same examples as last time to teach the machine what I wanted, and here’s what it came out with. There are certain tropes and stereotypes emerging here, but also occasional stunningly original ideas. Enjoy! A knight in full plate […]

  • Generating random content for RPGs using Artificial Intelligence

    Sea-biscuit cutting and rolling machine The topic of Artificial Intelligence in TTRPGs (actually Machine Learning – but I’ll call it AI for simplicity’s sake) is something I’ve seen discussed a lot recently. noisms asked on his blog whether AI would change the hobby. On the NSR Discord server we’ve had AI-generated failed careers for Electric Bastionland posted […]

  • Execution by… daffodils?

    Leafing through an old notebook, I found the beginnings of a table of… something. Apart from a couple of entries (a hawthorn tree whose thorns creep up and down its twigs, and a rat which opens its mouth wide and turns itself inside-out) all of the entries came under “you are executed. Cause of death:” […]

  • Look Mum, I’m on Kickstarter!

      Who’s afraid of a toad? I have just launched my first ever Kickstarter project, Mostly Harnless Meetings. It’s a zine full of whimsical random encounters in the countryside, inspired by English flora, fauna and folklore. Here’s a an example: Oak: A circle of twisted, ancient oaks. The ground inside the circle, and the bottom […]