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  • This is Who

    This is Who

    Thank you to those who responded to the challenge in my last post. Theo (whom I play with in noisms’ Three Mile Tree campaign, and whose weird and wonderful updates on that campaign always bring a smile to my face) spoke in the comments of how the four characters are the personifications of anthropomorphized walled cities […]

  • Yakanory and the dark fiction of James Burt

     The first review of Mostly Harmless Meetings is in, and interestingly it looks at it not from a gaming perspective, but as a work of literature: “a sort of Borgesian/Oulippian take on British rural folklore”. I like that! Admittedly I’ve not read any Borges (I’ve just ordered a copy of Labyrinths, and I’m told that […]

  • A Middle-aged Man Returns to Viriconium

    Viriconium comic, in German, by Dieter Judt Deep in work-work and in lieu of anything new to say, I’m rehashing this passage from my personal blog. When I discovered the OSR 18 months ago, it surprised and pleased me to discover how much influence M John Harrison (or at least his Viriconium sequence) seemed to have over the […]

  • What We Have Left

    Some time ago I wrote a series of short stories. Here is one of them. They will be published as a book, once they are edited. That should be some time before 2030. If you would prefer to listen to the story (and I recommend that you do) you can hear me reading a slightly […]