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  • Molemen & Mammoth-flu

    Molemen & Mammoth-flu

    You’re going to have to take my word for this but today I did a great hour long interview with noisms of Monsters & Manuals fame. We talked about many & varied topics, including his Kickstarter for the second edition of Yoon-Suin: The Purple Land, which ends in less than a day. We also covered […]

  • noisms and the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard

    I interviewed noisms, who blogs as Monsters and Manuals, publishes noisms games, and is best known for his fantasy game setting Yoon Suin, the Purple Land. Right now he’a running a Kickstarter for The Corridor of the Seventh Green Magic User  The Hall of the Third Blue Wizard, a zine featuring high-quality commissioned RPG modules and short […]

  • Interview with Write Radio

    Write Radio I was interviewed recently for Write Radio on Sheffield Live. I talked to host Jane Armstrong about writing for roleplaying games, and how it differs from the sort of short story writing I’d been doing before. We also talk about the differences between TTRPGs now vs. those I grew up with in the […]