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  • King Arthur vs Devil Kitty

    King Arthur vs Devil Kitty

    A long long time ago, a little way from here, A king called Arthur held his court in Camelot, A man named Merlin at his side, to mentor him, As he united Albion and was crowned king. What once were warring tribes were gathered at his court, All former foes united, all now friends at […]

  • Gespenwald, Cairn, and the NSR

    Firstly, I have a new thing out. It’s called Gespenwald, comes in the form of a PDF (printable as a double-sided A4 trifold), and can be downloaded here. I will have printed copies available in a couple of months. It kicks off with a children’s rhyme: On Narren Night, my love and meWe met beside the […]

  • Into Into The Odd

    Into the Iron Coral This weekend I ran my first game of Into The Odd. I was also my first in-person TTRPG since the pandemic started, my first in about 30 years in fact. And it was also also the first time I’ve talked my wife into playing an RPG. But not the last! (Actually, […]