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  • The Stone Bone Mound

    Here is my entry to this year’s One Page Dungeon Contest. With a working title of “negative space dungeon”, it’s a solution to a thought experiment which came to me, as do all of the best ideas, while walking on the moors: what if I were to use all of the dungeon map, and not […]

  • Naming Things

    The Ship of Yoharneth-Lahai by Sidney Sime After a lecture at Cornell in which Lord Dunsany had mentioned his longtime collaborator, the artist Sidney Sime, somebody said what a perfect name Sime was for him. “I don’t know,” said Dunsany; “I think Rhibelungzanedroom would suit him better.” I have recently been reading Lord Dunsany and […]

  • Old Maps & Ordnance Survey

      I love real-world maps. There’s just so much you can do with them. In the mid-80s, I was part of a very short-lived play-by-mail game set in a a post-apocalyptic future. Each player controlled a tribe in a future Britain. On joining the game, you were sent a tiny square of 1:25,000 OS map. […]