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  • I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic?

    Illustration by Shannon Kao for ISDYSSM  In the last few days I’ve discovered and played 3 games of I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic (I’ll call it ISDYSSM from now on) by Caro Asercion. I’ve also introduced a number of people to the game, including several who’d never played RPGs before. All have fallen in […]

  • In my end is my beginning

    I’ve written a role-playing game. It’s not the one I had expected to write. There are no fairies. Unless you want there to be. Short and sweet, it’s my entry for the The One-Page RPG Jam 2021. You play a person who is about to die. It’s funny, most RPGs contain death, often lots of […]

  • Sak Shibboleth

    (Some random dumped a big load of “don’t you know who I am” on me in a blog comments thread. I didn’t know who that person was. I googled them, and now I do, and so I wrote this game) You are Sak Shibboleth, some-time writer of games and game-related content. Your transatlantic flight, where […]