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  • Bundle for Ukraine

    Just a quick post to say that the Bundle for Ukraine sale ends in under 24 hours. It contains an amazing 998 games, for both tabletop and computer, covering every genre imaginable, and worth over $6,500 at their normal price. You can bag the lot for a minimum donation of a ridiculously low $10. Funds go […]

  • Mostly Harmless Meetings – now available to buy

    Mostly Harmless Meetings has been sent out to Kickstarter backers, so I am selling both printed zines and PDF copies via the eye-catching buttons at the top of the page  My physical products shop on Shopify also contains a number of non-gaming related titles I’ve produced in the past, including the last few packs of […]

  • Interview with Write Radio

    Write Radio I was interviewed recently for Write Radio on Sheffield Live. I talked to host Jane Armstrong about writing for roleplaying games, and how it differs from the sort of short story writing I’d been doing before. We also talk about the differences between TTRPGs now vs. those I grew up with in the […]

  • Learning to Draw Trees – and other news

      While Mostly Harmless Meetings is nearly ready to go to print, I have launched a pre-launch page for my next Kickstarter project, Learning to Draw Trees, which will be part of ZiMo – #ZineMonth222. In other news, Peakrill Press now has a Twitter account. Also, the more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that […]

  • Mostly Harmless Meetings: we’re nearly there

    I’ve finished writing and designing Mostly Harmless Meetings, “a zine of countryside encounters” – above is a sample spread. Kickstarter backers should already have an email telling them how to download the PDF. After the inevitable last-minute edits, this will be going off to print in around a week. Once all of the Kickstarter backers […]

  • Future Peakrill Projects

    Although I’m now full-steam ahead working on Mostly Harmless Meetings, I’ve also been thinking about future projects. The success of my SideQuest project has given me the confidence and inspiration to devote a large amount of my time to publishing my work (regular visitors may notice that the title and design of this blog have […]

  • Peakrill on Facebook

     Just a quick post to say (a) I’m still alive (b) Peakrill now has a Facebook page – please give us a like – and (c) the Kickstarter for Mostly Harmless Meetings has just over a week left to run, please check it out and, if you like it, share it. Got any questions about […]

  • Look Mum, I’m on Kickstarter!

      Who’s afraid of a toad? I have just launched my first ever Kickstarter project, Mostly Harnless Meetings. It’s a zine full of whimsical random encounters in the countryside, inspired by English flora, fauna and folklore. Here’s a an example: Oak: A circle of twisted, ancient oaks. The ground inside the circle, and the bottom […]