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  • Further Encounters in AI

    Further Encounters in AI

    OpenAI have just added a new model, text-davinci-003, to their GPT-3 text generators. It is supposedly much higher quality than previous models, so I decided to generate some random encounters and some nanodeities using the same prompts as before. I also, for shits & giggles, decided to ask another AI to make pictures of the […]

  • Generating random content for RPGs using Artificial Intelligence

    Sea-biscuit cutting and rolling machine The topic of Artificial Intelligence in TTRPGs (actually Machine Learning – but I’ll call it AI for simplicity’s sake) is something I’ve seen discussed a lot recently. noisms asked on his blog whether AI would change the hobby. On the NSR Discord server we’ve had AI-generated failed careers for Electric Bastionland posted […]

  • Nanodeities


    Have you seen my Twitter bot, @deitygalaxy? When the nose of Iohraï-ses, god of turtles in the hamlet of Nether Opthowichmoor-by-the-Water, grows significantly more turtle-like, it is usually a sign that they are feeling perceptive. Iohraï-ses is needy. Reply to him please? #Iohraïses #turtles — Nanodeities (@deitygalaxy) January 27, 2022 Deity Galaxy, AKA All The […]