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  • FTFA*

    * Fuck The Fucking Acronyms**** Yes pedants, <whiny voice>it’s an intialism not an acronym</whiny voice>. That’s not how English works. My spell checker doesn’t even recognise the word “initialism” and neither does 99% of the population TL;DR – Old Man Shouts at Clouds Ever since I rediscovered gaming and the OSR (which I always assume […]

  • Why Peakrill?

    The Hope Valley – old OS map and my interpretation What is a Peakrill, and what relevance does it have to this blog? Well, the what part is easy:  Peakrel (also Peakrill, Peakril) – Pronunciation /ˈpiːkr(ə)l/  – NOUN, rare British – An inhabitant of the Peak District. What a brilliant word, eh? And as for the […]