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  • What’s new? Lots new!

    A quick note about exciting new developments at the Peakrill cottage. First up, things you can buy from me, and where to buy them. My book Learning to Draw Trees is now out, and I’ve moved my shop to Shopify – purchase all sorts of Good Stuff from me here! Shopify’s monthly fee is a fair […]

  • Old Maps & Ordnance Survey

      I love real-world maps. There’s just so much you can do with them. In the mid-80s, I was part of a very short-lived play-by-mail game set in a a post-apocalyptic future. Each player controlled a tribe in a future Britain. On joining the game, you were sent a tiny square of 1:25,000 OS map. […]

  • Why Peakrill?

    The Hope Valley – old OS map and my interpretation What is a Peakrill, and what relevance does it have to this blog? Well, the what part is easy:  Peakrel (also Peakrill, Peakril) – Pronunciation /ˈpiːkr(ə)l/  – NOUN, rare British – An inhabitant of the Peak District. What a brilliant word, eh? And as for the […]

  • Adventurer’s Snap

    Lard Iron Rations Ever wonder what’s in those packs of iron rations that adventures have to encumer themselves with for any journey longer than a few hours? Wonder no more, here are the ingredients – at least, the Peak District version. There’s not actually much “iron” in them. In fact, in the southern Peak District […]