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  • Postal Diplomacy

    Postal Diplomacy

    A recent post by Solomon VK reminded me of the existence of the board game Diplomacy – a game in which, from what I can remember (it’s been over 30 years), players took on roles as the major European powers of the 19th Century (Austro-Hungary, the Ottomans, et al), then negotiated and battled their way […]

  • Play-by-post and the written word

    Encourage the Beautiful by Louis Rhead In my last post, I gave an example of play in my vapourware play-by-post game (which, incidentally, has the working title “Out of Hope”, due to the fact that player characters will start off in Hope and at some point, presumably, will travel out of Hope) One of the […]

  • An example of play-by-post in Peakrill

    A Light in the Pavilion by Gordon Browne This is the first of a few posts I’ll be writing about play-by-post RPGs (formerly known as play-by-mail  – PBM – and then play-by-email – PBeM). I played in quite a few PBM games in the 80s, and have been thinking about running one myself for quite some […]