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  • Running Troika! with family

    it’s also legal to buy and sell drugs if you do it through a mandrill A while back I bought Daniel Sell’s Troika! RPG. It’s… strange. The Troika! game universe reminds me more than anything else of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but with rather more fantasy elements. It’s very whimsical, very British, very surreal, and very […]

  • Into Into The Odd

    Into the Iron Coral This weekend I ran my first game of Into The Odd. I was also my first in-person TTRPG since the pandemic started, my first in about 30 years in fact. And it was also also the first time I’ve talked my wife into playing an RPG. But not the last! (Actually, […]

  • Running Lasers & Feelings

    I ran my first game of Lasers & Feelings last week. The scenario I rolled up was: zombie cyborgs seek to bond with an alien artifact which will bring about a war/invasion. I was scared of having to improvise the entire scenario beyond that sentence, but actually it went great – the players’ actions prompted […]

  • I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic?

    Illustration by Shannon Kao for ISDYSSM  In the last few days I’ve discovered and played 3 games of I’m Sorry Did You Say Street Magic (I’ll call it ISDYSSM from now on) by Caro Asercion. I’ve also introduced a number of people to the game, including several who’d never played RPGs before. All have fallen in […]