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  • Mycelium Parish News

    The Mycelium Parish News Earlier this year, on a walk with James Burt, he proposed that the two of us produce a “parish newsletter”, to let our friends know what our other friends have been up to. James and I first met on the Cerne to CERN pilgrimage. Between us and the other 69 pilgrims exist […]

  • MuMufication and the People’s Pyramid

    Yesterday I completed foundation training as a Death Doula (or “Soul Midwife”), somebody who helps members of their community to come to terms with and approach death in as comfortable a way as possible. As part of my training, I had to give a presentation on a particular community’s practices surrounding death. Rather than tackle […]

  • Cerne2CERN the Pilgrim’s Tarot

    I may have dropped the occasional clew here about how I found the God/Esss and what I did when I found them. If I haven’t, doubtless I will before long. In the interests of openness (as a byproduct of which I might try to sell you some tat – see below), I will tell you […]

  • The Book of Horkos

    Your author and the Book of Horkos I wrote recently here about real-world magic. Bear with me skeptics (feel free to call it something more sciency if you prefer: perhaps “psychology” or “human nature” or “nudge theory”), for here is another powerful school of magic in the real world: the spell that is cast by […]