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  • noisms and the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard

    I interviewed noisms, who blogs as Monsters and Manuals, publishes noisms games, and is best known for his fantasy game setting Yoon Suin, the Purple Land. Right now he’a running a Kickstarter for The Corridor of the Seventh Green Magic User  The Hall of the Third Blue Wizard, a zine featuring high-quality commissioned RPG modules and short […]

  • Yakanory and the dark fiction of James Burt

     The first review of Mostly Harmless Meetings is in, and interestingly it looks at it not from a gaming perspective, but as a work of literature: “a sort of Borgesian/Oulippian take on British rural folklore”. I like that! Admittedly I’ve not read any Borges (I’ve just ordered a copy of Labyrinths, and I’m told that […]

  • Bundle for Ukraine

    Just a quick post to say that the Bundle for Ukraine sale ends in under 24 hours. It contains an amazing 998 games, for both tabletop and computer, covering every genre imaginable, and worth over $6,500 at their normal price. You can bag the lot for a minimum donation of a ridiculously low $10. Funds go […]

  • The Lost Doctor Who

    Ken Campbell is The Lost Doctor There’s been a lot of talk in recent days about the new Doctors and Daleks series of roleplaying adventures, using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e) rules. I don’t have very strong feelings about either 5e or Doctor Who (if I were to play a Doctor Who game, I’d […]