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  • The Subtle Art of Not Being a Cult [misprint]

    The Subtle Art of Not Being a Cult [misprint]

    Please stick on this song by my fucking mates Danny, Dave and Ian before reading this post.  Today my mobile phone kept correcting the word “comes” to “cunts”. Patrick Stuart remarked that “Yours must be the only phone I know of that not only recognises ‘cunts’ but actually adjusts towards it”. It’s true. I have trained […]

  • Nobody Asked for This!

    I have a new email newsletter! The more observant of you may have noticed that I also have an old email newsletter (sign-up boxes to the right and to the bottom of this post). This new one is utterly different. It’s called Dan Sumption’s Mycoleum Mind, and each week I post a short idea. Sometimes […]

  • Start Drawing Maps*

    My first isometric map It seems pretty much the norm these days to use map-making software or free/cheap pre-existing maps when running an adventure. I can see benefits to this, not least in time saved (at least, for pre-made maps: for me, trying to use map-making software can be a massive time-sink). But I suspect […]

  • Interview with Patrick Stuart of False Machine

     I interviewed Patrick Stuart of False Machine. Patrick has a Kickstarter for his new project with Scrap Princess, Demon Bone Sarcophagus (ends Saturday 11th September – be quick) I also mentioned the Gelatinous Cube podcast. If you’re a masochist, read The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard