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  • Mycelium Parish News

    The Mycelium Parish News Earlier this year, on a walk with James Burt, he proposed that the two of us produce a “parish newsletter”, to let our friends know what our other friends have been up to. James and I first met on the Cerne to CERN pilgrimage. Between us and the other 69 pilgrims exist […]

  • New stuff in’t store

      Gespenwald A very quick post to say that I have added two new products to my online store and both are currently on special offer: Learning to Draw Trees is a 44-page book documenting my attempt to, well, learn to draw trees. Contains drawings, photos, thoughts and tips. Gespenwald, meanwhile, is a free-form TTRPG adventure, my […]

  • Nanodeities


    Have you seen my Twitter bot, @deitygalaxy? When the nose of Iohraï-ses, god of turtles in the hamlet of Nether Opthowichmoor-by-the-Water, grows significantly more turtle-like, it is usually a sign that they are feeling perceptive. Iohraï-ses is needy. Reply to him please? #Iohraïses #turtles — Nanodeities (@deitygalaxy) January 27, 2022 Deity Galaxy, AKA All The […]

  • Look Mum, I’m on Kickstarter!

      Who’s afraid of a toad? I have just launched my first ever Kickstarter project, Mostly Harnless Meetings. It’s a zine full of whimsical random encounters in the countryside, inspired by English flora, fauna and folklore. Here’s a an example: Oak: A circle of twisted, ancient oaks. The ground inside the circle, and the bottom […]